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Sam grew up in Cardiff and attended university there. During that time he joined the Green Party, quickly getting involved in the local party and election campaigns. He was agent for the 2008 Council Elections and a candidate in Plasnewydd ward, gaining 15% of the vote.

Sam stood in Cardiff Central in the 2010 General Election aged 22.

In 2009 he decided that a more ambitious plan was needed to try to elect a Welsh Assembly Member at the next election, then 2 years away. He proposed paid staff support to mobilise activists and coordinate media work. He was eventually offered this job and went on to run the 2011 Welsh Assembly Campaign, professionalising the appearance of the party to the media and the electorate, delivering a result of 5.2%, which would have elected an AM under the Scottish Parliament voting system. He pioneered the “Labour can’t win on the 2nd vote” message, turning the ‘wasted votes’ argument on its head for Greens and forced the former First Minister of Wales to mention the campaign in his newspaper column.

The following year he pulled together a team of students and young people to target Cathays ward, a student heavy Lib Dem held ward. He worked full time on the campaign and applied what he learnt about targetting from Greens across the country. Sadly in a 3 way hotly contested campaign the Green Party was 173 votes short of its first Council seat in Wales.

After this campaign Sam decided to focus on developing a career outside of the Green Party, so moved to Oxford to work for a leading student campaigning charity. He was quickly selected to fight a target ward in the 2013 County Council Elections, again in a student-heavy ward. This time he won with a 16% majority in a campaign that utilised some techniques not used by the party before, and a valuable lesson in how to beat Labour in the current political climate.


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