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See below for my endorsements.

“I am voting for Sam Coates, he has been a pleasure to work with on GPEX, a proven election winner hebeat Labour to become a councillor this May, I think he will contribute to the re-election of Caroline Lucas and the promotion of a radical Green Party that acts for a social just society and a sustainable environment. Urge everyone you know in the party to vote for Sam.”

– Derek Wall, Green Party International Coordinator.

“Sam has worked hard to produce best-ever results for Greens in tough elections to the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff Council. His election to Oxfordshire County Council with a whopping majority this May shows he knows how to win. It’s vital that we embed this knowledge and skill throughout the party. The twin economic and environmental crises can’t wait for us to get our act together. We need to focus our electoral efforts effectively and Sam is well placed to lead this important work.”

– Peter McColl, Rector or Edinburgh University 

“Sam would make an excellent elections coordinator. He has been part of a range of successful campaigns and pulled off his own magnificent victory to be elected as a councillor very recently. He knows the ins and outs of electioneering and would provide a fresh perspective on national elections thinking. We need to make gains in all areas of the country, and Sam can be the one to push this vital task forward.”

– Cllr Rob Telford (Ashley, Bristol)

“I’m happy to be supporting Sam Coates for Elections Coordinator. Sam has a proven track record of beating Labour in an urban seat, an experience that is going to prove vital if we are to improve and succeed in many of our key seats and wards. Sam has been a capable and enthusiastic chair of the Young Greens and has helped pioneer many leading initiatives within the group. I do believe he has the enthusiasm and the dedication to push towards greater electoral success for the party.”

– Benali Hamdache Co-coordinator of the London Federation of Green Parties

“I’ve worked with Sam on GPEx and have been incredibly impressed by his energy and passion for making a success of the Green Party and improving our electoral prospects. With Sam’s experience and practical ideas for undertaking the important role of Elections Coordinator I think we will be in safe hands.”
– Mark Cridge, West Central London

“As election co-ordinator in Wales, Sam ran our best campaign there yet, put our vote up, and came close to getting an Assembly Member elected for the first time. In Oxford this year, his campaign saw a massive swing to beat Labour by a country mile in a ward which should have been touch and go. As their co-convener, Sam has grown the Young Greens from a small group to a powerful movement. And as a staff member at People & Planet, Sam has hands on experience of supporting grassroots activists across the country. I can’t think of anyone better for this job, please vote for him.”

– Adam Ramsay, Editor of Bright Green

“What the Green Party needs now is energy coupled with the refusal to be daunted by the electoral challenges ahead.  Political engagement is changing.  It’s becoming more fluid, less about membership of political parties, more about networking and increasingly it’s moving online.

We need someone with the skills to combine the essentials of traditional doorstep campaigning with a new appeal to people who don’t see themselves as ‘political’ but who want real progress.

I believe Sam will bring his ‘can do’ spirit to the task of co-ordinating the campaign for the key elections of the next two years, engaging with Greens of all persuasions to remind us all that what unites us is far greater than any of the things that we occasionally disagree about, to help deliver more MEPs, better General Election results and a revitalised campaigning Green Party”

– Jonathan Kent, South East Euro campaign team

“The Green Party needs a stronger, more coherent vision for upcoming elections. We need properly led and properly organised Target To Win strategies all across the country. Sam Coates would make a fantastic Elections Co-ordinator, and I would urge others to vote for him. Our party have the best alternative policies, and now we need to start putting our policies into practise and start winning on a wide scale.”

– Clifford Fleming (Young Greens North Organiser & Campaigns & Citizenship Officer at Manchester Students’ Union)

“As with many Young Greens, my involvement in the party started with Sam Coates, as he led the General Election campaign for Cardiff Central 4 years ago. His leading role throughout the subsequent Welsh Assembly and Local Council Elections increased our vote share and, perhaps more importantly, developed his ability to engage volunteers and the electorate and embed them into his campaigns. Through my University life Sam’s training guided me through basic (and somewhat advanced) electoral strategies, target to win, messaging and more. His personal success in being elected an Oxford councillor in 2013 was long overdue after the determination, effort and wisdom displayed during his leadership of the 2012 campaign in Cardiff. In addition Sam also possesses an ability to explain often arcane electoral processes or laws and teach his naturally occurring electoral insights to others.. Armed with both pragmatism and his contagious ambition, I have no doubt that Sam remains one of our party’s strongest assets and our national campaigns will receive a healthy boost from his election to GPEx.”

– Jack Parker, Target candidate in Cardiff 2012 and former Young Greens Executive Member.

More to follow…

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