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My plan for elections

This section is still being added to, check back soon for more!

The nuts and bolts of elections

  • Even in 2013 it seems that many local parties don’t understand the principles of Target to Win. If this is true, it’s because the national party needs to do more to communicate it effectively. A new manual on how to win Council seats is currently being written but its essential every local party knows about it and how to use it. I will pro-actively work to improve  communication with local parties on how we do elections and ensure new techniques and tactics that have worked locally are shared across the party.
  • As a party we don’t have a standard system for doorknocking: what questions we ask, how we ask them and how we record data. I will work to ensure local parties targeting for the first time have access to the information they need to canvass effectively.

European Elections

UKIP are probably going to win the election next year, and this will further push mainstream politics to the right. The politics of culture war are arriving in the UK.  It is our duty as Greens to put forward a robust vision for the society we want. We can appeal to the large constituency which actively opposes the kind of world that UKIP stands for, and making the case for a Europe that works for ordinary people.

  • Online Campaigning – The vast possibilities of digital election campaigning are largely untapped in the UK, and as a party we have barely used it at all. I will work with the Management Coordinator to experiment with methods that are effective yet scalable to our resources. I will then recommend what techniques are useful in various types of election.
  • Building supporter infrastructure – Some work has started on how we identify and communicate with supporters. With party membership now a fringe activity this is an essential area for development. The European elections presents a fantastic opportunity to launch this and see how it can help us mobilise volunteers and bring in donations.

The General Election

Retaining Caroline Lucas’ seat is like everyone elses, my top priority. I will work with the local and national party to establish which of the new campaigning tools trialed in the Euro Election are most useful to that campaign and where resources allow, do the same for Norwich South and other target seats identified.

Local Elections

  • Many people have said to me that currently we don’t do enough to mobilise members and supporters to help in winnable Council wards, especially in years where strong local parties don’t have elections. I will work with the Internal Communications Coordinator and others to make sure members are aware of crucial by-elections and nearby winnable seats and how they can help.
  • I will look into extending the above to small fundraising asks where it could mean the difference between winning and losing a seat.
One Comment
  1. You can beat UKIP. Make unconditional basic income your showcase policy for economic and social reform. Take the battle to UKIP. Absolutely agree with your environmental policies but I don’t think they are a unique selling point with general voter appeal. It’s time for the green party to have a showcase policy with broad appeal. The Tories are the party of big business. Labour are supposed to be the party of the big unions. The greens can choose the BIG party.

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