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Short Manifesto

From years of elections experience and speaking to people across the country, I know how ambitious people are about the party’s future, and also frustrated by the slow speed of growth. We have plenty of talented people willing to be Councillors, MPs and MEPs, but not enough winnable seats.

Many members feel like they are excluded from winning elections unless they live in a handful of areas. Many members also feel like the national party hasn’t worked out what the elections ‘plan’ is since electing Caroline Lucas MP.

I have experience of winning and often losing elections, becoming a County Councillor this May. I’ve learnt lessons from those experiences I want to share, including bucking the national trend to beat Labour. I know what’s needed to build a local elections machine, and what it’s like struggling alone to make an impact.

We have two major, potentially game changing elections over the next 2 years. We have set an ambitious goal of 6 MEPs but it’s not clear how we plan to meet this.

We face a huge opportunity with the big parties pursuing unpopular policies, but we can only fill this political vacuum with the infrastructure and strategy to match our ambition.  Our popular vision for investment in high quality sustainable jobs is an alternative to austerity the whole country needs to hear if we are to make further major breakthroughs.

If elected I will:

  • ensure our election campaigns are integrated, so European campaigns support local and general election targets
  • support and develop the Advanced Constituencies scheme, building our chances of winning more MPs in 2020.
  • work to ensure every local party trying to win has the knowledge and materials they need
  • work to make elections at the core of everything we do, improving communication between national, regional and local levels, creating a long term plan for action.


  • County Councillor in Oxford
  • 2011 Welsh Assembly Campaign Manager
  • Worked for  leading student campaigning charity
  • co-Chair of the Young Greens for 3 years
  • Have sat on GPEx for 9 months

Contact / 07590008249

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